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  • IQOS Cleaning Sticks for a clean tobacco heater(30 Pcs Pack)


    IQOS Cleaning Sticks for a clean tobacco heater (30 Pcs Pack)

    IQOS CLEANING STICK BASICALLY ARE WET ALCOHOL COTTON SWAB, THESE ARE DOUBLE HEAD STICKS TO CLEAN YOU IQOS DEVICE ENTIRELY. IQOS Cleaning Sticks Pack of 30 to ensure optimal performance of IQOS holder with this handy cleaning tool. Simply twist to clean. This cleaner kit is used to maintain your IQOS holder’s correct operation and keep it in optimal condition.

    Original IQOS Cleaning Cotton Sticks 30 Pcs in a Pack

    Cleaning sticks for iqos 3, iqos 3 duo, iqos 3 multi, iqos 2.4, iqos 2.4 plus, iqos multi, iqos universal universal
    د.إ 20.00د.إ 35.00

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